I have been a student at Univ. of Phoenix for 2 years and have only 3 classes left. About 5000. dollars is missing from my account and they will not schedule my final classes.

I have left many messages for my fin. and academic counselors, but have had no response for over 2 weeks.

This school is more of a scam than a school and they will not address the problems of students and do not care if you graduate as long as they get your money.

I had a finance counselor that had me dropped out of school when I moved and took 3 weeks off of school. I was getting letters that I had to start re-paying my student loans and I was taking classes and attending school daily.

They sent me 2 checks for almost 5,000. and I did not know why. I called my finance counselor at least 6 times to find out why I was sent this money but received no response. I have still received no letter informing me that it was an error to send these checks to me or why they were sent.

I have had nothing but trouble getting my degree with the univ. of Phoenix, I have had teachers tell me that they were too busy with their families to return my calls. I have had money missing from my student aid account, and I have gone to the deans office of dispute management and am still working with them to solve these issues.

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