I attended University of Phoenix from 2008-2011. While there are numerous issues with this institution I will only address the ones that pertain to the financial aspects in which raise serious concern.

I was lied to consistently by academic counselors, financial, and enrollment. I was promised a quality education and received nothing more than a primary education level, which was rather costly.When I initially started school the financial advisor walks you through the process of filling out the paperwork electronically, which became confusing as I was also being walked through or advised by Phoenix financial advisors for my fathers parent plus loan as well. My dad never once spoke with an advisor at that school because he did not need to as the school just told me what to do to fill out his paperwork as well. I was told that the funds from one loan were not enough to cover everything, later turned out to be false.

Needless to say I'm upwards to $50,000 in student and parent plus loans combined(not including my out of pocket expenses), defaulted once but managed to pull myself out of it so that I could continue at my current university, where I have 4.0 GPA. When I received my first check by Apollo group I was told by the enrollment advisor at that time, Eric, who stated that the money I received was grant money and I could do whatever I wanted with it as it was "free money". Little did I know that money was leftover from my student loans and not free by any means. This is what I was advised to do with that money.

Numerous phone calls, many emails, and complaints through the BBB were recorded before I even received the required documentation from phoenix to transfer. I guess my complaint is that I'm $50,000 in debt, and will be paying for this the rest of my life with nothing to show as others have recognized this school to be basically worthless because of the lack of promises fulfilled by this institution. My intentions are to disable schools like this from preying upon others through falsification and misdirection. I have made many, documented, attempts to resolve this issue with the school but considering they are nothing more than scam artists my attempts were unsuccessful.

I have been ignored and lied to. I have made attempts to go over all my loans and disbursements with the school but received little response. My account history for which my loans were applied and disbursed have been deleted by the school. I am unable to now view how UOP applied my loans.

Its simple I have approximately $50,000 in student debt/loans and yet didn't even attend for a full two years in school that had a tuition rate of no more than $11,00 the years I attended. Additionally, even after I withdrew from the school transactions were still being recorded on my account history as credits for the school. Luckily I printed off my account history before the school mysteriously lost all transaction data. I have almost all documented information available.

Most recently I attempted to obtain records of my account/payment history on the Phoenix student website but noticed all information had been deleted. After numerous phone calls I was told the information was archived, which is strange since I printed it off a few weeks prior but to obtain that info I needed to sign some papers and consent forms, which I will not sign anything from that school.

I was told I need to sign because I apparently submitted a for that put me on a do not email list, which I did not do. This is a for-profit school that needs to just shut down permanently.

Product or Service Mentioned: University Of Phoenix Financial Aid Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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