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I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against university of phoenix. My lawyer and I are getting several people to come to together to file the lawsuit. I am astounded by the number of people who have been burned by this school and am quite shocked that nothing has been done. I know that people are busy living their lives and would just rather give in than fight but it is time to do something. If you are interested in helping to do something, my email is nicolemarystieb@***.com. The more people the better!


Nicole Stieb

Monetary Loss: $3.

Location: Marina Del Rey, California

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I have been trying to sue the U of P for years. They scammed me by tricking me into sighing for a loan when I told them I didn't want one.

Erik Young who worked there said he understood. I told him I only wanted a grant because I had a credit card payment and didn't want a loan payment. He said he understood. Yet I ended up with a large loan.

I was in my 50's and now they are taking this lie out of my social security. I can't stand this university. I get sick at my stomach when I hear commercials that are going to hurt people. Please make them stop ruining people's lives.

I wish it wasn't too late for me to sue but I fear it is. :(


I received a bachelors in Business Mgmt. and not once did it help in moving up or attaining a better position.

I was told that a bachelor's was not good enough because there were so many other people with masters.

So I went back for a masters in business and to this day, nether degree helped me in any way because it was looked at as a non-conventional college. I feel like I wasted ears and amassed a $100K worthless piece of paper.


I took a course, found that my schedule did not have room for attending classes again, withdrew two weeks in using pell grant. They returned the funding but billed me $418.

I did not receive this information at the time or any requirement to file anything saying I was withdrawing from the school which I have done in the past without all of this extra stuff. I didn't find out about the $418 until it was on my credit report, no correspondence or bill received for this amount.


I too have been burned by UOP. I was told one thing upon enrollment and no one can give me a straight answer.

As a result I have a partially completed BS with no hope of finishing due to financial aid hardship (thanks to UOP and their sales tactics to get enrollment). So here I have no degree and over 60,000 in student loans.

If you could email me about your lawsuit, I would like to join you.



Are you familiar with the arbitration clause you signed prior to matriculation?


I have issues with them too.


Hi I was reading your post please feel free to contact me because I am dealing with similar issues with this school. 601323**** kimbuladucksworth@***.com


Hello, I too went through the UOP to get my BS in Bus Mgt...I have yet to use the degree and I have over $50K in Outstanding Student Loans.

Can you send me more information regarding the OHIO Class Action against UOP-finkyland@***.com



Please count me in for this. I owe $85,000.00 to UOP for a worthless degree that has yet to get me employed for two years now since I graduated!!

My email is JMKent28@***.com.

Please add me and keep me updated! Thanks!



Nicole my email is mandi0608@***.com



Hi Nicole I would LOVE more info on this I have been burned for nearly $35,000 in student debt and have a degree that is basically worthless from UOP


My daughter keeps making payments and I told her she should sue them for misrepresentation. She was never able to finish because of bad instructors, etc.

There is probably a statute of limitations. If she can join you please email at tysarczyk@***.com


Jeny Cooper UOP online.


I withdrew and not only did they take my financial aid money, but also charged me almost $4000 for the classes.

Hey UOP?!?!

Double dipping is the same as RIPPING people off. If anyone knows a link to join in the lawsuit, please send it to me.


Yes this has me on welfare thinking someone was blocking me, it was this degree. My credits did not transfer. I will join you.


Please count me in, I had the same situation with UOP


When I decided to go back to college to earn my bachelors in Social Work and obtain my LSW in the state of Ohio, the UOP advisor stated "sure you could do that at Phoenix". After reading an article on Facebook regarding UOP ripping people off, I started to do some investigating.

Sadly, the article was true. The state of Ohio will not recognize a bachelors degree in human services and UOP knew that. Luckily I only took 5 classes but none of those credits will transfer and I wasted some of my financial aid money for those 5 classes. So go ahead add me to the law suit.

elizabethedwards13@***.com. Thanks


I have had the same experience as most of you. I completed my Associates and started attending a local university only to find out a lot of my courses did not transfer.

Please add my name to the Class Action Lawsuit.

Carol Vasquez Vasquez081995@***.com. Thank you,


I have had the same experienced as some former students. I withdrew from a course, and then i'm billed $4000.

I know without a doubt that this is illegal. Please add my name to this Class Action Lawsuit. My name is Brittney Horton.

Email is beesweet25@***.com. Thanks!!!


Currently a Ed.D student. I am beginning to see the pattern in their money making scheme.

60K + later, I see the pattern of delaying required approvals etc. just to keep enrolling me in courses just to resubmit a document. Makes no sense.

This too after 2 years of guiding me to do completely different things on my proposal.

Will like to be part of legal recourse - I have evidence.


I just saw that there was a class action against UOP. I received my associates in criminal justice and tried to finish my bachelor's only to find out that they lied to me and told me my degree would be covered when they wiped out my financial aid and told me I must pay $18,000 out of pocket. I am trying to find out my options

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