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Update by user Jun 06, 2013

join University of Phoenix Law Suit

Update by user Jun 06, 2013

join University of Phoenix Law Suit

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University of Phoenix -- Want your Money back? plus ++

University of Phoenix is a rip off because of the low educational level,expensive tuition rates, and worthless Degrees.

The University of Phoenix Academic Advisors, Academic Counselors and Financial Aid Advisors are a big liars because they don't let you know everything you need to know about tuition, reimbursements, pre-requisites etc.

They hide the important information, and try to make you sign up for loans. These employees are there just to make money on you.

I took 13 of the 20 classes needed for a Bachelors Degree in Business(60 Credits), but I had to quit the program because the student loan was adding up too fast at $1650 per class.

Now in June 2013, 4 years later I enrolled again in the University of Phoenix in order to try to finish the 7 classes that I have left.

The Academic Counselor said I still have to take 14 classes.... (not the previous 7 needed!) in order to graduate because they "upgraded the Program twice".

In 2008, I was needing 7 classes in order to graduate, but now in 2013 I need 14! $21,840 dollars! plus $20,280 already spent! The Academic Counselor avoided telling me how many classes I do still need to take and tried to convince me to sign up for more student loans.

The cost of these 13 classes were $20,280 dollars. at $1560 per class and perhaps many more students lost money too.

If you feel that you were ripped off by spending thousands of dollars without finishing your degree or by having a worthless degree please join us on this Lawsuit.

Please reply to uplawsuit@gmail.com

Our goal is to have at least one hundred people.

Please join now!

Product or Service Mentioned: University Of Phoenix Financial Aid Service.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #1356199

I have looked and read many of the posts on here about how people had different experiences with the university of Phoenix.While I enjoyed going there because I liked the work and the people but even though I have two degrees from there and no job in sight I didn't blame the school, I figured that it was my fault.

I had no direction and I thought that the school would give me some because I didn't want a job, a wanted a career. Something that I could be proud of and love but that didn't happen. Mostly because by the time that I was done, I had diabetes type two and gout both which made it nearly impossible to work because I'm always in pain and now it's hard to exist.I'm still worried about paying for the student loans though, any help there

Utica, New York, United States #1344611

The crux of your problem is that you quit. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with an MBA and an Ed.D.

I currently work for the State University of New York. So, it seems that SUNY and the State of New York recognize that the University of Phoenix offers rigorous educational classes and is accredited.

I'm sure your problems is more about who you are then the UofP.

Utica, New York, United States #1344604

The story is always the same. Some loser wants to blame the university for their own failures. Grow up!

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #1252059

Is this still going on I haven't heard anything I graduated in 2009 I went from 2007-2009.


Add me johhnyh52012@gmail.com I was told all credits I pyscho!igy would go towards certification.....that was a lie I dropped out after finding out !y degree was worthless and most employers won't even accept it as a real education

to Anonymous Utica, New York, United States #1344605

It interesting that you blame the university for your inability to obtain employment. I'll bet your lack of employment is more about who you are rather than the school you attended.

The University of Phoenix offers rigorous academic standards, which I'm guessing were too difficult for you.

I'm not surprised you dropped out. You are a loser who likes to blame your problems on others.

to Dr. Larry Austin #1613429

Dr. Larry Austin, Do not sit and call someone a loser when you clearly know nothing about them.

I did not drop out and finished my degree on on the Dean's list and the Presidents list with a bachelor in criminal justice admin. I am far from a loser but guess what, that degree was useless. I tried relentlessly to get a job in probation only to be turned down because the UOP degree was not accepted. I get up everyday and I go to work, pay my bills but never have I got one foot in the door in my field.

Now I have 56,000 dollars worth of student loans for nothing! It's easy for you to sit behind your computer screen and call people names doctor, while we are all throwing out judgement, maybe the weren't fed with a silver spoon like yourself.

Owosso, Michigan, United States #1086878

My husband and I graduated from UOP and it sucks. We are both in debt and I cannot find a job to save my life.

The majority of the employers I have had interviews with in the past say they do not recognize the school as a reputable college and because of that would not hire me. The ones that didn't say anything about the college just gave me some BS excuse of why they didn't hire me. Also, after I graduated they told me they would help me find a job with the work assistance program they had but, that was a bunch of BS to.

Their so called work assistance program was nothing but a mock up of Monster careers. It's all a sham and we shouldn't have to pay our student loans for something that isn't credible.

to BigRed Utica, New York, United States #1344609

I would like to see you offer one single credible shred of evidence that proves that the University of Phoenix is as you assert. It might be helpful if you include information about how the University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The Higher Learning Commission is also recognized by the federal government.

I too had difficulties getting interviews; however, I do not attribute any of this to the university. Rather, it all just may be the time we live in.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1086574

I too have the same complaints and did not finish because the raise in tuition was too extreme. ended in debt with no more relief in sight than when I signed up for the program.


Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1066823

UOP: I enrolled because the recruiter told me when I graduated there was job placement program. He lied.

Today, I am paid one dollar more an hour ($1.00) having this worthless Bachelors in business management.

In addition:

I have 55K in student loan debt

* I cannot finance a home because of my debt ratio, without a unobtainable down payment.

* None of the courses are transferable...to anything! Community Colleges, trade schools.....just shoot me.


I will join. Jeny Cooper



Dallas, Texas, United States #1058881

People, the person who created the original post said at the end to "please reply to uplawsuit@gmail.com" I doubt the person can take the time to check in here regularly to get your email addresses, so you're supposed to contact them instead in order to get on board. - uplawsuit@gmail.com -


Add me too



How do I get in on this? I have over $40 in student loans, NO degree, and find out with a year left that the degree I was working on won't even go towards the field I was interested in!


Received a Bachelors Degree (BSIT) Information Systems Security in November 2013. The costs was over 23K with nothing to show for it in the marketplace. Still working the same job with no promotion.

Cottonwood, Alabama, United States #1024018

I am here with you. $81,000 in dept.

UOP and Colorado Tech is the same way. Can't get my bachelor finished an no more funds to complete it.


Is this still on going? I am over 66,000 in debt from going to U of P and graduating in 2010.

My tuition kept rising all the time.


Yes, this school is just like Everest- about money and ripping ppl off!


Had the problem was half way done and they said I was maxed out on financial aid had to find different school that was cheaper and pay out of pocket

Please include me

cdolphin73 @yahoo.com

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