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My situation has to do with a loan. I was kicked out of school Dec or Jan which was before my 1year and 9 months was up.

It was almost a year when i was doing classes online. Once i was kicked out, they asked did i waant to start over completely (i declined). Being a first timer, i didnt want to start over. Then i noticed a few letters and emaols i recieved saying i owed a load of $4000.

Im not the smartest person in the world but when they offered me a loan at the beginning of the year for a printer or a computer, i declined cause iy was no use. I did not want to owe anyone. I did recieve my financial aid on time ever quarter. It wasnt a big check.

I called about the loan cause it went on my credit then to collections. They advisor told me i agreed to the loan and she dont handle that. Gave me a number to someone that was confused as to why i called him. I told him why i called and he referred me to someone else.

After months passed, the loan was "suppose to be arriving" soon that March. I waited to see if it would come and the day it was supoose to come i never got it. So now im wondering why are they looking for me to pay it when i never got it. Ive put it in forebearance which it has collected interest but i refuse to pay a penny.

What should i do since they claim they dont handle the loan.

Should i ask them for proof showing i actually recieved the loan?? Im ready to get this off my credit!

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation Student Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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