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I was to receive my sub and unsubd loan Nov. 18 and still today Dec.

14 still nothing. My useless *** financial aid advisor swears the funds are held because the system believes im in two programs yet I received my pell grant as scheduled. The minute I made reference to possibly transferring to another institution that is when my troubles began. I can not reach anyone willing to assist me other than my financial aid advisor who care less either way.

Now I am afraid to transfer because I believe Phoenix will attempt to keep my funding of which I have to repay. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

Product or Service Mentioned: University Of Phoenix Financial Aid Service.

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You have to be your own advocates. Go to the Department of Education and file a complaint about money being essentially stolen from you.

Link: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/contact/feedback I'm due to graduate in January 2019 and have dealt with this theft by UoP since enrolling. Luckily, I keep track of my own aid - how much I should be getting back after the cost of classes and materials. The first time I had an issue I realized $3,000 had gone 'missing' - it hadn't gone to classes or materials, hadn't been refunded to me, and wasn't in my account and UoP insisted my math was wrong and they had no idea what I was talking about. Only when I filed a complaint with the Dep.

of Ed. were the funds magically disbursed to me a couple days later. I have, since, gone through the same process dozens of times. Sometimes it's $1,000 or more 'missing', sometimes just a couple hundred.

As a matter of fact, I'm currently going through this same process AGAIN as UoP is trying to claim they don't owe me $2,000 of my excess aid when they most certainly do. But, indeed, WE are responsible for paying those loans back WITH INTEREST. So it IS important to be proactive about getting your money. I highly recommend filing a complaint with the Department of Education and keeping track of your own aid on a daily basis - take screenshots of your UoP account balance and class charges, keep a notebook where you keep track of money your awarded, and keep copies of all communication with their useless aid department.

Then you have plenty of proof to back you up if the Dep. of Ed. needs it and, in the case someone ever starts a class action against UoP (which I'm frankly shocked no one has), you'll have proof for that too.

Wish you all the best. Can't wait to be done with this fraudulent 'college' and pursue my Master's somewhere reputable.


I am experiencing the EXACT same thing. Kim has told me funds are there and a refund should hit within the week.

My financial aid advisors, current and former, both stated the refund should be coming. However, my pell grant is now gone, as it was awarded and the second portion paid but tge excess not released to me.

UOPX GOT PAID, Wheres my excess? Now my fule is under review.

to danny #1415831

I am going through the same thing. I excepted my financial Aid December 15.

It was suppose to be 15 days after that now here we are in January and I keep getting told well they are reviewing it to see if anything else is needed.

I am not getting any answers. So ridiculous

to Tracy #1416755

Same here started class in Nov. still no disbursement.

Received a disclosure statement from studentloans.gov dated 01/05/2018. I accepted the loans 01/06/2018.

Have not received an award letter or loans. This is ridicious

to danny #1422753

Going through the same. The school received my funds in early December.

I keep getting told they are opening tickets and it’s being looked at daily and I should have an update “tomorrow”. Yet, nothing. No updates and no disbursement. That’s a long time for them to be sitting on the money the government sent them.

Extremely frustrating. It should not be this hard.


basically going thru the same thing first they were on hold and then they gave me two dates which i have not recieved its fustrating and my financial aid advisor could care less or the school so i will be finding another school because this is the second time it has happened


how do you know when your financial aid is going to be disbursed? my sub and unsub loan was posted on my student account, but not my pell grant.

its been 7months since I last got a check from them. who do I contact?

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #894566

How long after your first loans & pell grant were posted that you received your first financial aid refund. Mine posted to the account 2-3 days ago after waiting 2 mths.


They get the Federal Pell Money and sit on it...earning interest I'm sure. They state it could be 30 - 60 days before it is disbursed! YET...they are suppose to do so within 7-10 days of getting it.

Report them!


I am so mad. when i enrolled i was told that i qualified for student loans and wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket.

So i enroll and begin my classes. No word from financial aid-its ok in processing. Now THREE weeks later i get a letter sorry you don't qualify and a bill for $4700--seriously?

I asked repeatedly because I CANNOT AFFORD to pay tuition without the loans. Ridiculous way to trap people into going to their college financial aid should be determined BEFORE you begin classes!!

New York, New York, United States #640187

I about to graduate in August, and i have not had any problems until now, my award letter said one amount; however, they had me down for a lesser amount not to mention they have me down for 3 classes in June which i only need two. I don't know what they are doing but this crazy

I too have had fin aid problems with this place. Its because you cant get a response from anyone about the issues.

When you do finally get a response, it makes no sense. :(

I'm in my bachelors with three classes left to go. I was told by my Academic Counsler that I would receiving my personal disbursements every three classes which was fine by me, Last one I received was in May, it is now the end of October and have not seen anything.

When I asked them about it in September they told me to set up direct deposit as I would receive the funds quicker, still nothing has changed and I am starting to get fed up as I now have to pay out of pocket if I want to graduate.

Whatever money is sent to me by the school, I use for materials for my classes including any books I may need as I do not have a job that will pay for food, clothes, housing for my kids and I plus school needs.

I am beginning to really wonder what is happening to all the money that they said I was approved for and could use for my classes and any additional funding for my school supplies.


This school is a bunch of crooks. You really should look at other schools to attend.

They screw up everyone's financial aid, refuse to give the students their excess loan money which by the way is totally illegal. A school can only hold your funds for up to 14 days after that any credit that is on a students account must be given to the student.

There is a reason why this school only has a 18$ graduation rate


I've also had several problems with the University of Phoenix and their Financial Aid Dept. I've sent my advisor email after email and it usually takes her several weeks to get back to me. I requested a new financial aid person but the manager would not give me one.

I was suppose to receive my excess loan refund over a month ago. Do I have that money no. It is totally illegal for any school to hold any Title 4 or Pell Grant that creates a credit on your account for more than 14 days. The school does not seem to care that they are in violation of this law.

I've recently sent a letter to my loan company & the government informing them that UOP would not release my excess loan funds. I'm still in school and attending my classes so they have no right to hold my money.

I took out excess loan money to cover my cost of living expenses whil I'm at school. I've not been able to pay my rent in over a month and I'm now ready to be evicted.

O, and watch what you say about the school. I tried voicing my opinion on the school site and was told that is a violation of there code of conduct policy. What the *** ever happened to the freedom of Speech? Apparently, this school not only hold your money, they screw up you financial aid and then tell you not to talk

to Lynn #1054557

Yep they did it tom me as well, when I complained about being abused form a women that attended the school and worked at the University, they took me into a room and told me that they were going to kick me out of school if I didnt comply - Comply with what ?? The abuse, no thanks!!


Why cant any one answer simple question surrounding small issue such as these can cause a decline in the university enrollement

I have done nothing but be patient for months waiting for my classes to be paid for. First they allowed me to take my first block classes without so much as a word to me about my financial aid not being processed.

In Feb of this year they lay on the bad news using the excuse "we could not reach you" I have signed so many documents stating i made corrections here and there. Then they send me a award letter in march only to tell me that that was false and should have never been sent out and i have more paperwork to do. I have bounced back and forth between independent and dependent status student. Going in my fafsa and taking out info and adding info so that it could be settled.

still nothing. Here it is may and i have not been helped at all. I have at least 7 people looking into my situation and the supervisor Ramon is never in his office and i guess he cares little or not at all that i am not being helped. O yeah that's right he is aware of my case and is working on it!

smh these people should go to jail for stealing peoples money, time and dreams of becoming something better than just a labor worker. I feel everyone's pain and for those of you who think we are just inpatient you try being lied to and avoided when you are promised things and it never comes regardless of what you are doing to make it happen.

Or when they pass you to collections when you say you want to drop out and continue education at another institution. This is a real problem and for the 1 out of a million of you who do not experience it that's wonderful but unfortunately the rates of being screwed is higher than the actual graduation rates at UOP :cry

Lucyclink3@gmail.com if interested in legal action i am currently looking into it

My financial aid is sitting in my account as well. I was told a ticket was submitted.

Each time i call it is a different excuse. Now i am told it may be months if I qualify! Why wouldn't I. I graduated straight A's.

W all need to find a good attorney! lane.kari38@gmail.com


I am having all the exact same problems. It's funny how they are telling all the students the same thing.

I am going to give them one more week of this mess and then I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau as well as a lawyer. This is simply not right and it is time to make a change!!!!!!

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