I was enrolled at university of phoenix for a month. Red flags began to pop up almost immediately.

The web site ,'classroom', was the biggest pain in the but,and organized terribly. The financial aid was an absolute joke. They promised 9500.00 in financial aid,and a 5350.00 pell grant,none of which was ever recieved. I had opted to manage my own funds by having all education money[loans,grants,ect] directly deposited into my savings account.

This obviously made them mad. They called me 7 times and wanted me to opt for the school to manage my account funding. When I told them "no",that I was perfectly capable of managing my funds,and that my tuition was paid up to date,they then got mad and sent me a letter stating that either I sign the right to manage funding over to them,or they would just take them anyway without my consent . I contacted 3 different reps,and got 3 different answers.

This school is nothing but a "student mill", literally accepting every person that applies,reguardless of their qualifications.

The university of phoenix is only interested in ONE thing,MONEY. If you are looking to further your investigation,turn away from UOP,and run FAST!

Product or Service Mentioned: University Of Phoenix Financial Aid Service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Hello, how do I manage my own funds

to Anonymous #1616932

How do you manage your own funds

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1300910

I signed my award letter on 1/2017 i am currently attending classes at University of Phoenix, and i have not recieved any financial aid at all. The similiar thing happened to me.

I opted to manage my own funds and they wanted a letter from a school i had attended in 2015. i was approved for loans and grants and still have not recieved aid.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #720947
I was also adamant about managing my own funds and then come dispersement the UOPX took them. This prevented me from earning my points and rewards through my banck.

Also, then they said I elected for them to manage my funds and I did not. Then I requested proof and copies of this request only to be sent here and there on some wild goose chase. I still want to pursue my education but a school that cares about keeping the money to themselves when it is the student's legal funding is ridiculous. Also, I remember being asked to submit it written statement that I would manage my own funds and they said I said they would manage and they will not allow me to view this form or provide me with a copy.

There has been no resolution. Is anyone going to move forward with a lawsuit? I have already complained but we will see what happens. A lucrative program really means the school is trying to keep the money....

That is how the employee's get paid, by the college hostaging the students money.

I should have gotten my entire loan but instead of sending me my funds the college went ahead to invoice me for my future classes to keep my funds instead of sending me my money. I care about my education but i don't know if I will continue with this institution.
to UOPX student #1405277

I totally agree they get so upset when you tell them that you want to manage your own funds! I am enrolled there know and they only thing they seem to be concerned about is money. Did you ever get your refund?


Who do I contact to manage my own funds with UOP.


I have the same problems. Please add me to the lawsuit. I can be reached anytime via email at tljabbar@gmail.com

to linda tjabba Lake In The Hills, Illinois, United States #783721

add me too mchbrw@AOL.COM


unless you have private loans any government loans come to you through the school and you should be complaining to the government about it The school notifies the govern how much financial aid you will need based on costs For you to be getting left over funds means the school is lying to the student loan reps keeping the extra money and letting you pay it back contact the student loan servicing center ASAP and complain


i just enrolled i would like to know after the orientaion how long does it take to recieve your financial aide????do anyone kno

to cdarnell Monroeville, Alabama, United States #1277619

I just enrolled there and im managing my own funds as well, but type disbursement just went to my student account on the 25th. I called the financial aid department and asked them how long will this take and they said 14 days but probably not the whole 14 days.


i had to drop for personal reasons after getting 39 credit hours. i contacted my financial counselor and told her and she advised me how to drop.

i filled out the correct paper work and was advised a few months later i now owe them $1500 for classes i didnt take.

I would also love to join in any law suite headed their way. Anyone have an attorney for a spouse or parent who will take them on?????


Hey my name is Rah and I am going thru the samething with a UOP they got me in collections as well and I withdrew before any of my classes even started now im stuck and cant get a transcript because UOP saying I owe the $3,200 when i didnt even start... I would love to join the lawsuit as well can u email me details mags.gabana@gmail.com


I am a student at UOP. I have been attending for 2 years now and have had no problems.

I do not manage my own account but I monitor it online and check to see that the funds have been deposited. I get notified by mail when the funds are deposited and it also shows on my account when I login to the UOP website.

I also have been receiving the reimbursement of the excess funds. They send me a check in the mail for the leftover balance.


I go to Uop and have managed my own funds but decided it was easier to have my counselor handle it. I don't understand the people that are having a problem because I have never had a problem.

Uop has always made things easy for me and I would bet that if you keep your cool and told them the issues you were having, they would be able to solve your problems. FYI I do not work at Uop I just have not had a bad experience.


so i am a current student and the school just recieved all of my loans and finacial aide I chose to manage my own funds which means i am suppose to get a check for 5k in about two weeks. has anyone actually recieved the remains of there money if they choose to manage there own funds?

:? i am requesting to manage my own funds.. i pray this works!

How long do it take for Apollo Group to certify you for financial aid. Also if your at the end of your associate will you still get you full disbursment of pell grant or is it a portion of it.


I am handling my own funds, my question is I applied for financial aid for 2011-2012 now here is the thing, I am only 2 more classes away from my associates. But this next and last block of classes is it for me but also start my new award year meaning I had to re-do my Fafsa to pay for these last few classes -will I get the full 5000$ in Pell Grant or will I only get a portion of it.

Also how long do it take for Appollo Group to Certify you-because I have to pay for my next set of classes. Before July 12

I agree, Francois clearly is affiliated with UOP, no student or regular person would be so upset that someone was complaining. It's funny how transparent that is.

I too have had my financial aid mis-managed so much so that I finally elected to manage my own funds. I have had every excuse given to me most usually it was, due to a "Glitch" in the system." and finally after it taking so excessively long, they even started acknowledging it was too long and so I was happy someone may finally do something but to no avail. The display of compassion was just to Temporarily appease me and she did not follow through. I had to call again and have a random financial advisor rush the funds.

Finally, they got to me but very late. So late it was when my next disbursement was due! I think UOP likely takes the money and invest it for profit. Why else would so many people complain of them neglecting to send funds in a reasonable and fair amount of time and never having any valid explanation as to why the students funds are constantly delayed.

I am leaving UOP but bet your bottom I am making sure I have my money and classes paid for first and making sure its in writing so they cant say I owe!Please, anyone who starts foreseeing problems, immediately get everything in writing. Insist in writing all communication regarding the financial aid is done this way! That's what I did now I am prepared to join any lawsuit as well!

Students: manage your own funds- it will likely be best if you need your money faster. :sigh

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