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I attended online at the University. All paperwork to enter was online only.

I was never tested to see where I needed to be placed. (Was taking accounting) I was never asked to prove that I had graduated high school or received my GED. I would not answer all questions for assignments and even only answered one or two questions on my final and was still given an A for the class. I could not get instructors to respond to my questions by email or phone.

I dropped out of the school after the second semester due to the fact grades were just being handed out. I also was told that my pell grant would cover 95% of my costs, now I find I owe 15000 in student loans that I cannot pay.

I wish someone would contact me so that I may join the lawsuit against this school and assist them in getting it shut down. The people you do get to speak with at the school cannot answer your questions and just seem to speak in circles. This school is a scam.

You learn nothing and you can get away with just getting the answers to the work on yahoo.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Pay for your degree and shut up just like everyone else who is a proud UP alum. LOL!

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