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Why are the loans for students who attended between 2010-**** not being forgiven as well? I was scammed by the same deceptive practices when I met with an adviser in 2010.

I was told UOP was "working with" major companies like Yahoo and MGM, Adobe, and Microsoft, etc. and if I maintained a high gpa and remained in good standing, I would be put into a "graduate pool" with these companies HR people for selection into positions with these major companies. There was no graduate pool and there were no agreements with these companies. So, because I was told this in person, while being pressured to apply for aid and loans, I do not qualify for loan forgiveness because the commercials weren't running yet?

I have a Masters Degree that isn't worth the paper it's printed on, a job that requires only a High School Diploma, and 52k in student loan debt. Thanks UOP.

User's recommendation: Do not take classes here.

Monetary Loss: $52000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

University Of Phoenix Cons: It is a scam.

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So, you think having $52K in debt forgiven is a good thing? Wait until you get that 1099C and this is added to your income for the year.

You think the student loan people are bad, wait until the IRS wants their money.

Be careful what you wish for. You're up the creek either way mate.


I know all about the tax implications and I would still prefer to hand my money over the IRS if it meant not giving one more dollar to the scam known as University of Phoenix.

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