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Here I am $50K Plus in Debt after completing my BS in Human Service Management, I live in Wisconsin and I see by searching that ALOT of Graduates in my state have the same problem....After Graduation they are unable to take the State Exam to become a Licensed Social Worker even though my entire time and working with what seems to be a different student advisor all the time, they were aware what I wanted to Achieve and told me that I would be able to utilize this Degree to take my State Exam.........WELL I went to sign up for my Exam and come to find out UOP is not accredited in Wisconsin for me to take the Exam so all those years and a boat load of FEDERAL LOANS (FRAUD) I sit with a worthless piece of paper and a ton of student debt that I cannot afford...... I see what I assume is a Past Student is Sueing UOP in the Eastern District of Wisconsin Federal Court, not sure what the case is about but I'm sure it is about what we are all here for, being SCAMMED, So I personally am writing a letter to the Students Attorney Listed on the lawsuit along with the Federal Judge telling my Story........Take a look at the case...The Government does not seem to be doing anything about this so its about time we all bond together and get heard and get this Scamming Institution Shut down or no longer be able to accept Federal Funds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Student Loan.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Huge scam.

  • Human Service Scam
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SUE THEM! Capella University students (me included!) file our class action lawsuit this week!UOP and CAPELLA UNIV (among many others!) need to be shut down!CAPELLA students ('PLAINTIFFS') in this group allege the following ‘complaints’ v.

CAPELLA UNIVERSITY ('DEFENDANT'):1.)Conversion;2.)Breach of contract and misrepresentation;3.)Interference with contractual relations;4.)Unfair & deceptive consumer fraud & enrollment practices;5.)Misappropriation of federal & state allocated ‘student loans’;6.)Improper incentives to its admissions recruiters that has resulted in financial burden and unfair losses among its students and taxpayers;7.)Breach of Implied covenant of food faith, fiduciary duty, constructive fraud & fair dealing; and8.)Unjust enrichment.UOP = "For-Profit" COMPANY!We students continue to complain (for years!) about dissatisfaction with the instructional (lack of) quality and unacceptable interaction from its faculty.

I found out that even an agency auditor expressed concern stating that it was, "troubling", after having received 1000s of (student) "complaints" over the past years.So, I did a bit of research (below) only adding to my frustration why I enrolled within a FOR-PROFIT (scam) "school" to start. Public and private NON-PROFIT universities offer online education, and are accredited, not under investigation, not scamming its students, are compliant with government (HARKIN'S REPORT, etc.) mandated reporting, etc.2017 Statistics of College Student Graduation Success Rates:- Private “for-profits”: 27% (UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX)- Public: 58%- Private “non-profit”: 65%VIEW:


I think that non-profit colleges and universities are the places to enroll. For-profit ones are in it for the money rather than giving students a good education, in my opinion.

This university has lately been advertising on television, which surprised me. i hope that students will not get cheated out of their money.When many are advocating free higher education for those who cannot afford it, this place is at the opposite pole.Be careful,

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