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You people crack me up with your comments about this diploma mill.

There is something known as doing your due diligence or at least understanding when it seems too good to be real it probably isn't.

I imagine some of you were also caught up in the Everest quagmire.

Persons that enroll just for stipends or now say they didn't understand the financial aid package will get no sympathy from me.

Try a good community college. You will most probably have to pay for it because it sounds like a lot of you have maxed out your Pell and subsidized and unsubsidized loans trying to beat the system.

Product or Service Mentioned: University Of Phoenix Financial Aid Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Did you really find a complaint page just to spit on people? Cute.


Wow, only a self-righteous, arrogant and pretentious *** would make a statement like that. (I have to ask what community college did you attend because your writing style lacks punctuation.) However, I will say that I do agree with you about the UoP being a "diploma mill."

Sadly, it calls itself a learning institution; when in actuality, it employs predatory practices upon its prey, those recently (honorably) discharged from the military and those from lower economic backgrounds.

There are two advantages that attracts potential students to UoP: (1) OPEN enrollment; and (2) online courses. Not all community colleges are yet online or have an open enrollment policy.

Instead of begging the question of those not doing their due diligence, maybe you should be asking why institutions like this exist and why they are supported continually and by whom? For example, UoP Founder, John Sperling maintains a close friendship with Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Finally, in case you were wondering if I was ever a student at UoP, sir or madam, I was not.

I attended a real community college and then went onto a reputable university.

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