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i enrolled online with university of phoenix 2010 only stayed in my classes 6-8 weeks passed my first set of classes received $2,800 out of the 12,000 loan they had me take then i was told on my second set of classes that i was cheating on my assignments which is not true so this teacher failed me but my other teacher passed me with and A+ now i have been receiving letters from university of phoenix for the past 2-years stating that i owe them $1,800 for my classes which i withdrew from my second set of classes before they started and the still bill me after i withdrew also they kept all of the loan money that i put in for i only received $2,800 out of $12,000 loan.


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This is not far from what they did to me, they lie and steal, but the worst part is they cheat you out of a true education! Shame on them... I truly feel sorry for the day they reap what they have sown...

Forest City, Pennsylvania, United States #436358


I'm sorry that you're upset. If you feel that your balance is in error, I encourage you to contact the University of Phoenix's Office of Dispute Management to file a grievance. They can be reached at or 602-557-5566.

Libby Bailey, Dispute Operations Manager

University of Phoenix

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