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I have been a student for almost one year with a 3.47 GPA,I recently learned from the student community forum that a shocking number of students are experiencing the same issues as me.

I was due to received my refund of $2700 in June; money that I was awarded by financial aid. I have yet to see it and I have been giving a dull excuse of a "computer error" for the past 2 months. Kim Murphy;, the Financial Manager locks a message forum so no other students can comment where a large number of students are expressing their concerns about their missing money.

The school has no computer errors when it comes to getting the money for tuition, and billing us for classes we have not even taken. This school has already experienced a previous lawsuit for the same thing and has several consumer complaints about this same issue!!!

Please help us bring this to the attention of anyone thinking about attending University of Phoenix and help us get answers of where OUR money is!

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Wish I read this before attending. I would've known what to expect.

This information is still accurate as of today October 18, 2016.

Veterans should also know that they report your attendance late. So your gi bill will be late/inconsistent.


Well I am amazed! all I did was type the schools name and had an over whelming amount of web sites pop out w/ negative reviews...

Because of all I have read w/ in 10 mins I will also cancel my appnt & will not attend to this school



I would not have posted my story here, or contacted the Arizona State Board for Private Post Secondary Education if I had not already reached out to almost every official possible at University of Phoenix. No one is helpful and no one has answers of why they cannot release my funds to me. So thanks for your bright idea but no thanks.


Hello there,

If you are still having an issue with your financial aid and you would like to file a formal grievance, please contact the Office of Dispute Management for assistance. They can be reached at or 602-557-5566.


Libby Bailey, Sr. Student Relations Administrator

for the University of Phoenix


Thank you so much for this post. I am still in the process of reading other posts on this site as well as other ones about this supposed 'school' and can now say, with utmost certainty, that I will NOT be attending here as I had originally considered.

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