I am disputing the entire amount of all loans in the year 2007 for online classes through the University of Phoenix.

An enrollment counselor from the University of Phoenix contacted me and discussed my options of continuing my education and about how many hours I had from a local college that would transfer over. He told me he thought I would probably only need about four classes. (This later turned out to be seven classes three of which I don't think I really needed)

I told the counselor that the only way I could take classes through U of P was with a grant. I explained to him that I already had a large amount on a credit card and I didn't want another large bill.

His words were, "I understand."

After listening to me explain further about my problems finding employment, as well as my divorce in 2005, he explained to me that I should have no trouble getting a grant, mainly because I haven't been employed. He explained to me how I would better myself and have a better chance of finding employment with a degree.

During the process of filling out the paperwork, information about loans was requested. I questioned him about this and wanted to know why is the U of P asking information about a loan if I am applying for a grant?

His words were something like this; "You more than likely won't get a grant if you don't fill out the loan information." As he kept talking, I was led to believe that I would not even be considered for a grant to take classes if I didn't fill out these loan papers.

Again I reminded him that I already had a large amount on a credit card and I didn't want another large bill. I didn't want a loan. I wanted a grant.

He kept saying he understood.

The day classes started he called and told me he had exciting news. He said my "grant' came through.

No mention of any loan.

No mention of the amount classes would be and that some of it would have to be a loan.

I soon found out, as my degree plan was coming to an end, that I not only had a grant, but I also had a huge loan.

I was devastated!

No one in their right mind, especially a female, age 51, with the economy the way it is and jobs for even the youngest graduating very scarce-- with a two year college six miles down the road --and a four-year college 30 miles up the road would considered paying $7,000 to $9,000 for four to seven classes!

No one would!

I surely would have not!

I was lead to believe I had a GRANT!!!! I can't believe that these people actually get away with this! I would like to take action against them!

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Are you kidding me? You don't just "get" loans because the school asks for them on your behalf.

You have to, by law, go through an entrance interview where they ask you questions to make sure you understand what you are undertaking by applying for loans.

Furthermore, you have to fill out the FAFSA and provide your financial information from tax returns. I find it difficult to believe that someone took out loans in your name without you knowing it.


Axia promised me a grant and entered me for a loan,I also feel betrayed lied too this school is truly corrupt.

Forest City, Pennsylvania, United States #337032


If you would like to dispute your balance or file a formal grievance with the University, please contact the Office of Dispute Management. They can be reached at UofPhoenix@phoenix.edu or 602-557-5566.

Best regards,

Libby Bailey, Sr. Student Relations Administrator

for the University of Phoenix


Did you read any of the paperwork you got?

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