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I was really excited about joining the U of P. I felt that I was finally going to below to something important and because of hearing great things from other students regarding the program, it would work out. Over time the only thing that U of P was interested in was making money off of the students attending. Whenever you try to contact the instructors or advisors regarding a matter you truly get the run around and they are not as friendly as they were when getting you to attend. I recently had baby, in which needed to take a leave from school. My advisor was trying to convince me to only *** a couple of weeks versus a normal month and a half. I had to make it very clear that I wanted to enjoy the experience of having my baby and carrying for her without any distractions what so ever. Although hesitant, he and she agreed. During my leave I stressed to my advisor that I was unable to fulfill two classes, and would only be able to attend one. At this point the advisor told me that I had to take two in order to recieve any additional funds for school. I was not concerned about the money, but becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. So I decided I was unable to return. Last week I received a call from FMS informing that I owed $2200 for classes that I supposedly owed money for. They have been calling non stop at work, in which I have now asked them again not to do. I never even signed up for or took these classes. I was informed by the representative at FMS that other people have experienced that smae matter and were having to pay back money to the school. I find this to be BS. How can a school charge you for classes that were never even requested or taken. I feel that I should not owe them anything, and if people in the same boat that have experienced this same matter should join with me in sticking up to this so called school.. We can really make a difference if we stick together. I was reading some where that U of P has had a class action lawsuit and with many more, they will be forced to change their under the table policy.

For those of you that feel that the U of P is fine. That's great I am glad that the school worked for you. But do not turn your noses up at people that got a bad break for this school, it could easily have been yourself that this has happen to.

Please respond if you story is similar to mine, and would like to see something done about this company. Thank you!

Product or Service Mentioned: University Of Phoenix Program.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Has anyone else experienced that their credits also don't transfer?

to thenie143 #1531774

It did't post everything for some reason. I ask because I tried and no one would take them.

One of the local university's would only accept like 2 credits so I would STILL have to work on an associates that has already cost me over 30 grand!

This school was supposed to help me better my life and financial situation but it made it way way worse. And they never call you back to help or answer questions after you graduate.


I have just gone through the same thing 1844.64 my tota when they told me it it was only a Capstone class of 1200.00 boy was I fooled. I am a teacher and needed my official transcript.

So they were literally holdiing me hostage to paying or NO Transcript. I had to pay FMS which is a debt collecting agency contracted by UOP. They will call and call and call it is very unnerving. I finaly paid the money but It takes days to show up on their screen as being paid so I still hve to wait for my Transcript, which I need by Monday.

And the people at the school are so nasty and rude. I would not recommend this school to my cat.

But so nice as long as you are attending and they are getting your Pell Grant money or Loan money, but when it comes time to finish. they actually become heartlesss and *** *&&*(....


Yes i completed the program only to find out they will not place me into a job as promised and i apparently owe 55,000 dollars in student loans to the federal government.


University of Phoenix kept my Pell grant and loan refund that was supposed to be refunded to me. Each month they give a different excuse or lie and say a few days.

I noticed a late of students have this same problem. This should be illegal

Staten Island, New York, United States #1313196

This is what I found so far. http://unitedlegalaid.com/university-phoenix-class-action/

I too ended up with monster student loans, no job and no degree!!!! Pissed in NYC

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #1272394

I was told by an academic advisor at an University I applied for to get my MACC and they stated that I would need to take pre-requisite classes because of my University of Phoenix degree. WHY am I paying so much for something that added no value, yet continues to cost me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

add me to the class action ninajhester@gmail.com


Does anyone think we can start by all filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office in our states? If we have people from all over the country submit something maybe it would get the ball rolling?


I have had a terrible outcome from this college ,like the others. Way to many details to go over here .

Thank you for starting this , please include me in any action you take .

contact :



Hi: I graduated in 2008 and still haven't found a job. Add me to the list that is very unhappy with UoP.

Have my loans in deferrment now because I just got off unemployment. Contact me if you do file something.

thanks. cmcclure54@yahoo.com



My name is eric hazelwood philadelphia campus I am interested in class action litigation versus uop, poppe2259@gmail.com


Interested in joining a class action lawsuit. I live in Florida please email me at sunsetskies@comcast.net

Thank you



very interested if this is still an option please contact me



Does anyone have any ideas how to get this going? I'm at almost 30 grand for a useless associates degree

to Anonymous Natchez, Mississippi, United States #1040896

If you find out anything, please let me know. I have been battling with them for 5 years

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1037832


I am not sure if this still active. But can someone email the information so I can join the lawsuit.


I am interested I graduated in 2012 and still haven't found a job in my field I went to school for. I have been looking since 2010 even tried to find an internship while I was there.

Now I'm paying massive amounts of student loan debt and can barely make it off of my check.

I really feel like I was robbed and I didn't feel like I learned much of anything. tarynrh@hotmail.com


I'm not sure if this is still active, but I would be highly interested in going after UoP. They essentially stole 2 years worth of financial aid money from me.

I left them in 2012 and am now having to pay out of pocket for classes at my current universit .

They are thieves and should not get away with these unprofessional and illegal activities. If someone could contact me at gmleasher@hotmail.com it would be greatly appreciated


I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against university of Phoenix can someone please contact me at sjackson124@yahoo.com

to Anonymous Natchez, Mississippi, United States #1040898

Please contact me also if someone files a lawsuit. nanawoods1965@gmail.com

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