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Upon attending UOP, i was told by my enrollment counselor that most if not all of my credits would transfer from my last college. So i attempted to get all the information that was needed in order for me to start taking classes. I was due to graduate in July of 2014, and was told by my counselor that i would not be able to obtain my degree until i took 6 more credits that did not transfer, which was a Math class and a Humanities Class, i was... Read more

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I went back to UOP to obtain my Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Administration. When i orginally enrolled, my enrollment counselor told me that most if not all of my credits from my previous college would transfer, upon nearing graduation in 2014, i was called by my counselor and they told me that i would have to pay for my last 6 credits because i had ran out of financial aid, we are a family that lives from paycheck to paycheck and did not... Read more

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I went for BS degree with UOP in 2006. I was not qualified for the program. I had legal problems and informed them of these pending charges. They informed me that those charges would not matter. That they would be able to place me. After my BS degree I was not to find a job because of my past. A counslor from UOP called and said they could enroll in the Masters program. That me obtaining my Masters will make employers take me seriously. They... Read more

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University of Phoenix did not require me to take the standard tests for admissions to take masters in business administration specifically, the GRE (Graduate Records Examinations) and GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). All they asked from me was my college diploma and the TOEFL passing grade. I was 52 years old at that time, knowing it was not too late to pursue higher education. I was "conned" by the admissions officer that I was... Read more

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I begin at the UoP online in 2010 to pursue an degree in elementary education. I was told that I first needed to get an associate degree in communications first. Naive, I worked towards that. In 2011 I had a child with medical issues that several impacted my work, placed on academic probation, but left shortly therefore to care for my child. Over the next several years I tried to attend other schools (because I had accrued over 20K in loans... Read more

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I was a single mother who attended the University of Phoenix the Apollo Group. I am still currently (2016) still paying for this "grant" which came to a repayment of approximately $10,000.00. I was promised things that I did not receive. I feel taken advantage of. I'm a single parent on a tight income. So this is stressful! UOP needs to be held accountable for taking advantage of SO MANY people!! I went to the UOP to have a better life for me... Read more

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Yes I want to join the class action. Hete was a sucessful case in 2008. Add comment

Their commercial using Wizard of Oz music is garbage Add comment

I am a single mother who attended the University of Phoenix the Apollo Group & was taken for granted. I am trying to find out whom to speak with in reguards to being "ripped off " by this school. I attended 1 semester and dropped out due to the false information given to me by the recruiting process. I was give "non repayable Government Pell Grant " that amounted to $2,500.00 for 1 semester in 2004-2005. I am still currently (2016) still paying... Read more

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